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How It Works: Editing

Please call at 914.698.5328 and we can talk about your project at no charge.

On longer projects, a meeting is sometimes useful.

Or you can simply send us an email to: info AT ExecutiveEditor.com [replacing the AT with the @ sign] and attach a Word document. At that point:

1. We edit the manuscript, indicating by colored text where we are uncertain of your meaning or where you should expand upon a subject. Then we send it back to you.

2. You send it to us a second time, with the clarifications and/or amplifications we’ve requested.

3. We give it another edit and send you the final document.

How It Works: Writing

If you haven’t yet written your document and shudder at the thought of getting started, send us your outline or notes and we will do the writing for you. 

This process is more interactive than a text edit, and we will discuss the project with you in detail before starting to write.

We might need to email the document back and forth a few times until you are entirely satisfied.

After the first draft, for instance, you might tell us to abridge or expand certain parts. We might ask you for more information. You might ask that the entire piece be longer, or shorter.

At the end of this process, you will end up with writing that eloquently expresses your best ideas.

We take your thoughts
and make them shine!

info AT

[replace the AT
with the @ sign]
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