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Catherine Hiller at her desk
Photo by Alexander Warnow
Catherine Hiller, President

Do you need a quick, reliable writing and editing service? We create and improve all business and personal communications. We help you write brilliant pages.

We take your words
and make them shine.

We do as much or as little as you need. If necessary, we reorganize your entire document and make developmental suggestions. We tell you where to amplify and where to reduce. We give your work the loving line-editing it deserves.

Whether your pages need tiny tweaks or major revisions, Executive Editor will raise your writing to publication quality.

If you’ve always
dreaded writing...

Let Executive Editor ease the burden from your shoulders! We can do it all: create the concept, research the subject, write the copy, and revise it under your guidance.

Executive Editor is headed by a business writer and novelist with a doctorate in English.


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